Early Childhood Music Education

What does Hove Noten offer?

Hove Noten offers music-courses for kids, together with their parent(s). The groups have a maximum of 11 kids, while the baby-groups are smaller.


The next course is starting the 8th of February and is a bit longer than the previous courses; 8 lessons and costs €60,-. 


  9.00 am - 6 - 12 months

  9.45 am - 1-year-olds

10.45 am - 2-year-olds

11.30 am - 3 & 4-year-olds

All the courses are at 'Wijkbedrijf Selwerd', Bottelroosstraat 3, Groningen. If you have any questions; please feel free to send a message through 'contact' or sent an email to info@hovenoten.nl.

The teacher

The teacher, Dorie ten Hove, studied at the conservatories of Groningen and The Hague. After finishing her studies in Classroom Teaching in Music, she taught music in a number of primary schools. Her attention was especially drawn to the younger kids, as they react to music in a unique way.

Wanting to know more about young kids and music making, she started another studies to specialise in early childhood music education. She graduated the studies and teaches kids from the age of 6 months up to 6 years in parent-kidsgroups and daycare.

She finds joy in coming up with games, music and activities that tickle the curiousity of kids. This way kids have a lot of fun and learn together in a safe environment. Parents participate in the classes and you get to spent quality-time with your kid.

Good to know

The songs in the lessons are in Dutch and/or nonsense language. Research shows singing is a good way to learn a new language. Every week you'll receive the songs we sing, you can put them in the booklet you'll get at the start of the course. The instructions are bilingual in all the Saturday-courses.

Every lesson takes about 35 minutes. After that, there is time to play for the kids and time to chat for parents.

'Muziek op Schoot' is a brand name, that can only be used by teachers graduating the studies 'Muziek op Schoot-docent'. If you want to now more: www.muziekmethetjongekind.nl (Dutch only.)

6 - 12 months

The courses with the baby-group are filled with music (not too loud). We play games to learn to follow sound, we dance while holding the kids and sing lots of songs. The kids get to experiment with materials and/or small instruments.

1-2 years

With kids in this age-group, we play 'peek a boo-games' a lot; it helps them to cope with mom or dad leaving. This is a very active group, we move, dance and walk around in silly ways. Every lesson the kids get to play with a sound-producing material or small instrument.

2, 3 & 4years

With these age-group, we do many activities to stimulate the imagination and creativity. All these activities are designed to develop the overall musical skills, such as 'feeling the beat', singing, contrast in music and playing loud or soft.

A mom about the courses

Dorie is an exceptional music teacher! She takes care to engage each child individually. During each class, Dorie brings interesting props and has fun activites that peak the kids' curiosity and help them practice different skill sets. My son especially loves the old fashion music box, playing with the "ducks in the pond", drumming with sticks, and dancing in a circle. We have a lot of fun doing the class together!